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Are you having a hard time managing your incoming calls? Whether you have too many calls coming in for your receptionist to handle or you are struggling to pick up the calls yourself, you’ll find Business Connections to have the perfect lawyer answering service to meet your needs. 
The number one cause of lost business is through callers ending up in voice mail boxes and simply hanging up. If you can’t afford to lose business, consider hiring out your answering service to a company that will save you a significant amount of money. With Business Connections, a live agent will answer each and every call that comes into your firm, 24/7, at much less than you could hire a receptionist for.
Have you been interviewing receptionists or secretaries lately? Keeping one on your payroll will cost you an average of $32,500 annually; that’s equal to about $2,700 every month. For a small fraction of that cost (between $45 and $250), you can have your calls directed to a BC agent who will pick up your calls and greet them just as if they worked for your company. In fact, your callers won’t even know you’ve hired a lawyer answering service!
You may be worried that an agency could not provide the kind of personal service your company could. Fear not; agents at Business Connections are highly trained to meet the needs of the law firms that hire them. All of your business information will instantly appear on the agent’s screen at the time that they pick up your call. They will be prompted as to how to answer, what information to take, what information to give out and exactly how to handle the call. You will receive your messages in whatever way is most convenient for you, from email to text or fax. The agent can even hand-off the caller to voice mail or direct them to your emergency number.
If you’re trying to grow your firm or manage it as it is growing, providing live call answering for your potential clients is the best way to meet their needs. At this point in your company’s growth, you just can’t afford to miss out on business. Business Connections understands that, and makes it very affordable to hire a live lawyer answering service. 
If you can afford about 10 cents an hour, you can afford to have a live agent answer your law firm’s calls. Don’t let your personal voice mail tarnish the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Give callers every opportunity to engage with an agent who will treat them with the courtesy and professionalism they deserve.
You’ll find everything you need to know about Business Connections right on their website at bcanswer.com, including plan costs, helpful blog articles and more. If you have questions about a lawyer answering service, need some additional information or would like a quote for customized service, feel free to call 866-601-6115. 
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Lawyer Answering Service